At Technical Equipment Sales Inc (TES), we are industry leaders in the design and assembly of modular cleanrooms.

These cleanrooms are available for use in a wide range of industries, including medical, optical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and their support industries. By utilizing our over 60 years of experience in cleanroom design and unmatched customer service, we aim to meet the growing industry demand for controlled and cleanroom environments.

Modular Cleanrooms vs. Stick Built Cleanrooms

When constructing a new cleanroom, there are two types to consider: modular or stick built. Modular cleanrooms are prefabricated enclosures that can be integrated into the existing architecture and mechanical systems without disruption of the facilities operations. Stick-built cleanroom constructions require the modification of the current architecture (e.g., fixed walls, doors, flooring) with a construction manager and subcontractors.

A more detailed comparison between the two types of cleanroom construction is shown in the table below.

Modular CleanroomsStick Built Cleanrooms
Affordability· More affordable

· Can be considered as capital equipment rather than capital improvements, resulting in tax saving due to depreciation at an accelerated rate

·   Higher cost due to more complex construction requirements (e.g., requiring permits and renovating existing building structure)

·   Extended tax depreciation periods

Scalability·   Easily expanded,  reconfigured, or upgraded to a cleaner environment.·   Limited and largely dependent on the facility’s available square footage
Installation Time·   Manufactured off-site and shipped to installation site speeding up the process (generally 30-50% less time than stick built construction)·   In general, it takes longer due to having to schedule contractors and subcontractors and material lead times
Ability to Relocate·   Easily disassembled and moved·   Immovable

Our Modular Cleanroom Capabilities

As outlined above, modular cleanrooms offer several advantages over stick-built cleanrooms. At TES, we provide a full range of services for modular cleanrooms, including design and engineering, off-site fabrication, assembly and construction, delivery and setup, and after-sales support.

Our modular cleanrooms are constructed at our sister facilities and can be delivered anywhere. Due to the post and panel design of the cleanrooms, they are easily made into custom configurations depending on the floor space and shape available. These qualities also facilitate future modifications, such as extending the size of the modular cleanroom.

Our cleanrooms are tailored to our client’s unique needs. Customizable features include:

  • Size (4 feet by 4 feet to 50 feet by 100 feet)
  • Frame structure (extruded clear anodized or painted aluminum or powder-coated steel)
  • Wall colors (white, black, or clear)
  • Interior panels (hard wall or soft wall)
  • Lighting, electrical, and filtration outfitting

For more specialized applications, we also offer climate control, computer wiring, flame retardant construction material, and seismic package options.

Common Applications for Modular Cleanrooms

Common applications for our modular cleanrooms include:

  • Semiconductor manufacturing and support operations
  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Electronics assembly
  • Cannabis processing
  • Biotechnology manufacturing

Why Choose TES?

At Technical Equipment Sales, we partner with numerous cleanroom vendors, providers, and manufacturers to offer greater design flexibility for modular cleanrooms. We work closely with our customers from initial concept through final design and installation to ensure the delivery of a high-quality solution that meets their specific needs. All our modular cleanrooms can be modified to increase size or redesigned for future applications.

Once we receive your cleanroom order, it typically takes one week to approve the initial drawings and 4-5 weeks ship out parts. Total installation time depends on the size of the cleanroom. As a guide: a 10 ft by 20 ft room takes two man days to assemble.

To partner with us for your cleanroom needs, request a quote. You can also visit our product catalog for modular cleanrooms to learn more.