Founded in 1986, the team of experts at Technical Equipment Sales, Inc. are committed to providing imaginative and cost-effective solutions to your micro-contamination and static control problems for semiconductor, pharma, medical device, FPD, memory optical and their supporting partners. Our goal is to meet the growing demand for controlled and cleanroom environments, locally and worldwide, through our extensive experience and unsurpassed customer service.

With over 60 years of combined knowledge, TES is dedicated to helping you find the right products for your specific requirements. We understand the critical parameters of cleanroom design including particle and AMC filtration, ionization, static control, lighting, air quality and monitoring. We know that each cleanroom is unique and needs to be designed as a functional unit with a precise purpose. Using a consultative approach, we take the time to analyze the needs of our customers order to provide not just a complete solution-but the best possible solution.

TES is a leading supplier of HEPA and PTFE filtration supplies and systems. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and making sure that we can meet all of your requirements. Our in-house application engineering staff has unmatched experience in system design to help you meet ISO 14644-1 Cleanroom Standards, BS 5295 Cleanroom Standards, and FDA Cleanroom Standards.

In our more than 30 years of business, we have grown to be an industry leader by building strong relationships with multiple vendors, cleanroom product providers, and manufacturers. These partnerships have helped to grow our knowledge base so we can pinpoint the exact needs of our customers and find a solution that is the right fit for each unique operation.

Utilizing our experience and expansive industry knowledge, we will go above and beyond to ensure that your system meets the highest quality standards. Our dedication to customer service means that if we don’t have the best product for your needs, we will help you find the perfect solution even if it requires turning to an outside company. Our staff of knowledgeable professionals looks forward to working with you to explore our product offerings and design services, with the goal of making your job easier.

To learn more about our line of cleanroom products, browse our online catalog of product offerings. For a consultation and custom quote, please call our office at (510) 656-5333 and ask for Larry, or contact us via email today.