Many industrial facilities rely on ionizers to keep environments electrically neutral.

By maintaining an electrically neutral environment, ionizers mitigate the risk of electrostatic discharge (ESD), which may damage products or negatively impact any number of industrial processes. Ionizers release negatively and positively charged ions into the air, which attach to charged particulates, such as floating dust, allergens, bacteria, dirt, or other contaminants. These now neutral particles are no longer attracted to surfaces. The free ions also find charged surfaces which are then brought to a neutral charge so they do not attract particles.

Technical Equipment Sales (TES) offers a full product line of industrial benchtop blowers and fans to suit any local ionization requirements, a full line of in tool ionizers for almost any application and room systems for full coverage applications. Our knowledgeable team can provide ionizers for new operations, new cleanroom setups, or other applications where users need stringent control over static charges, surface contamination and ESD events.

Our Products: An Overview

TES provides a wide selection of ionization products, such as:

Local Ionization

  • Controls electrostatic charges
  • Ideal for sensitive processes, such as electronics assembly, medical applications, semiconductor assembly, and more
  • Compact units are easy to mount and utilize

In-Tool Ionization

  • Electrostatic charge control in a small format
  • Some products designed for use in high-purity and ultra-clean processes
  • Solutions available even for areas with limited airflow

Full-Coverage Room Ionization

  • Flexible and remote control options
  • Monitor, manage and analyze ionization systems
  • Ceiling units available

The Benefits of Local Ionization Solutions

Our benchtop blowers and fans can be installed as new units for new operations or may be installed in facilities that are already operating. Production doesn’t need to stop while ionization solutions are installed. This minimal interruption to operations is ideal for many installations where customers seek to improve static control and air quality but can’t afford any significant downtime.

We’re committed to ensuring that we provide the ideal solution for every use case. Our product recommendations are totally application-driven and we partner closely with each customer in order to understand their specific operational requirements. From here, our team can offer solutions that will provide the best possible functionality.

Ionizers from Technical Equipment Sales

Static electricity can present a sizable roadblock in any cleanroom application. Static electricity has the potential to damage products or cause equipment malfunctions. Common static-related issues in industrial manufacturing include:

  • Particle contamination
  • ESD events that cause tool malfunctions, robotic lockups, semiconductor defects

Each ionization product offered by TES has been carefully constructed to meet specific application needs. Our in-house experts have more than 60 years of combined experience in helping customers select the appropriate static and air quality control measures for their operation.

Technical Equipment Solutions has been a leading provider of air quality solutions for more than 30 years. For more information on choosing the appropriate ionization solutions for your cleanroom or other industrial processes, please contact us. You can also view our product options in our catalog.