Pass Thrus

Reduces contamination by providing a clean way to transfer equipment.

Allows easy transfer of materials without contamination

  • Interlock minimizes contamination exposre while materials are transferred to and from cleanroom.
  • Stainless Steel LiftLatches don’t strain to hinges and eliminates corrosion with plated hardware.
  • Electropolished stainless steel minimizes particle shedding and meet Class 10 cleanroom requirements
  • Static dissipative PVC windows protect against static charges and particle attraction.
  • Dimensions Product: 36″W x 40″D x 39″H (995 x 1020 x 995 mm)
  • Chamber Dimensions: 36″W x 36″D x36″H (914 x 914 x 914 mm)
  • Material: Electropolished stainless steel and static dissipative PVC windows
  • Comes with Standard LiftLatch. Locking LiftLatch also available – specify Locking Liftlatch No. 1603-79 when the chamber is ordered.
  • Includes two sets of steel mounting brackets and mechanical interlock.
  • Standard bracket mounting is 2″ (51 mm) from the front on the cleanroom side – specify other desired location. Brackets require 0.25″ (6mm) clearance between the wall cut-out and the pass-through.
  • Uses partial seam welds — not suitable for biological applications. For continuous seam chambers, elect P/N 2636-10EP
  • Uncrated weight: 150 lbs. (68kg)

Package Type: Crate

Package Weight: 195 lbs

Product Dimensions, in. 39 W, 40 D, 39 H

Package Dimensions, in. 43 W, 41 D,  43 H

Click here for Full PassThru Spec Doc: PDF


  1. Cleanroom Pass Through shall be capable of maintaining the following cleanroom
    performance requirements when installed as follows.

    1. Capable of maintaining Class 100 to 10,000 (ISO 5 to ISO 8) conditions in
      accordance with FS 209E and ISO 146744-1.
    2. Capable of meeting validation requirements of FDA/cGMP and the following

      1. Nonviability Particle Count: Maximum of 10,000 per cf, 0.5 micron or
        larger measured 6 inches above work surface (Class 10,000/ISO 7).
        Other permissible counts accord with nominal cleanliness rating (1000
        per cf. for Class 1000, 100 per cf. for Class 100).
      2. Viable Count: Less than 1.5 colony forming units per 10 cubic feet.
        Other permissible counts in accord with nominal cleanliness rating.
    3. Capable of maintaining a passive pressure differential of:
      1. Area outside room: balance condition
      2. Air lock: 0.05-inch w.g.
      3. Cleanroom: 0.1 inch w.g.
  2. Products Requiring Electrical Connection: Listed and classified by UL as suitable for the purpose specified and indicated.