Handheld Particle Counter

Handheld2016/3016/5016 Particle Counters

THE ergonomically designed and lightweight Lighthouse Handheld 2016, 3016 and 5016 particle counters feature 0.2, 0.3 and 0.5μm sensitivities and are the most advanced handheld particle counters on the market. Providing up to 6 particle size channels of simultaneous counting, Lighthouse Handheld Particle Counters can display cumulative and differential particle count data as well as Temperature/Relative Humidity data on the fast and easy to read color touch screen. Lighthouse Handheld Particle Counters can hold up to 3000 records of particle data and the configurable recipe database can store up to 50 recipes for sampling and reports. Removable batteries and an optional charger help to maximize the Handheld’s uptime. Data is very easily downloaded using the Lighthouse Data Transfer Software. The Handheld can be used as a mobile particle monitor or become a part of a large facility monitoring and management system.

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Liquid Particle Counters

LS Series – Batch Liquid Sampling

THE Lighthouse LS-20 Liquid Sampler has an integrated syringe sampler and optical particle counting system. Its easy-to-use WindowsTM based software interface is designed to meet the international regulatory EP and JP, as well as USP 788, requirements. Following a quality standard of reliability and dependability, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions developed the LS-20 Liquid Sampler using the latest in laser optical particle counter technology. The LS-20 uses a high accuracy syringe pump flow control system and a high sample volume sensor. With sample volumes adjustable from 1 to 1000 milliliters (10 mL syringe), it is a perfect tool for multiple batch sampling applications.

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NanoCount – Liquid Particle Counters

THE NanoCount 25 and NanoCount 30 are the world’s first nanometer liquid particle counters. Based on our new state-of-the-art technology and built by Light-
house, they are backed by a one year warranty and international support.

The NanoCount 25 and 30 include built-in color displays for viewing real-time data use the industry standard MODBUS communication protocol. Integration into facility monitoring systems or use as a stand-alone device is quick and easy.

By incorporating Solid-State laser particle counting technology and designing for reliability, the NanoCount 25 and 30 are intended for continuous trouble-free operation.

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THE LS-60 Liquid Sampler is an integrated syringe sampler and optical particle counting system with an easy-to-use Windowstm based software interface.

With a sample flow rate of 60 ml/min, the LS-60 provides unprecedented mearurement speed and accuracy. Using a high accuracy syringe pump flow control system and high volume sensor; it is the perfect tool for multiple batch sampling applications.

The LS-60 is easy to configure and operate. Data is automatically recorded and easily available in real-time
graph and tabular form. Reports can be preconfigured and printed at the touch of a key.

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OUR NanoCount 50+ is the smallest 50 nanometer liquid particle counter on the market and incorporates a 3.5” TFT touch screen to simplify the user interface. Based on state-of-the-art technology and built by Lighthouse, it is backed by a two-year warranty and international support.

The NanoCount 50+ provides industry standard RS-485 modbus and 4-20mA communication protocols so integration into facility monitoring system or use as a stand-alone device is quick and easy.

Using its integrated ethernet TCP/IP interface allows the NanoCount 50+ to connect to standard corporate ethernet LAN’s as easily as it connects to facility monitoring systems.

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Airborne Particle Counter

SOLAIR Portable Airborne Particle Counters

The Lighthouse SOLAIR 1100LD (Laser Diode) leads the industry as the first of it’s kind portable particle counter with 0.10 micron sensitivity and 1.0 CFM (28.3 LPM) flow rate using laser diode technology. Conventional HeNe (Helium Neon) particle counters require frequent cleaning, periodic Laser tube replacement and suffer low concentration limits. The SOLAIR 1100LD is designed
to operate in ISO Class 1 to Class 7 cleanrooms without concerns of it degrading its environment or exceeding concentration limits. The SOLAIR 1100LD uses an optics and photodiode system designed to reduce or eliminate the temperature issues associated with high power laser diode sensors. The thermally-controlled exhaust system and HEPA filter option prevent any external contamination. Weighing just 23.55 lbs (10.68 kg) with the Li-Ion battery option, the SOLAIR 1100LD is the smallest, lightest and coolest running 0.10 micron, 1.0 CFM portable particle counter on the market.

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Particle Counter Software

LMS Pharma

LMS Pharma was designed with an ICON driven user interface which greatly simplifies the user experience.

Color coded status and unique shaped ICONS enhance the already intuitive user interface.

With LMS Pharma software, get data when, where and in the format you need it. Whether you are at your desk, or at any computer on your network, you can access all of the data you need.

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