modular clean rooms


When building a new cleanroom or converting an existing space, there are two types of construction to consider: modular or stick-built.

Modular cleanrooms are affordable, pre- fabricated enclosures.

These cleanrooms offer a quality finish, professional look and can be custom built to meet the needs of the application.

Modular cleanrooms can be integrated into current architecture and mechanical systems and generally do not disrupt current operations during installation. In general, no modifications to the existing building structure are needed.

There may also be tax benefits comparing a
“tool” purchase compared to building

Modular Cleanroom

More affordable than traditional stick-built. Modular cleanrooms can be considered capital equipment rather than capital improvements; therefore, can be depreciated at an accelerated rate. This results in tax savings.

Can be easily expanded or reconfigured.

Manufactured off-site, shipped and then installed on-site.

Typically completed 30% – 50% faster than conventional construction.

Can be disassembled and moved in its entirety.

Stick-built construction consists of modifying the current facility architecture (e.g. fixed walls, doors, flooring) with a construction manager and subcontractors. While this approach offers the flexibility of choosing the building materials like flooring and cabinetry, the installation is invasive and complicated. Ultimately, the best fit should be determined by the square footage available, anticipation of growth in the future and the overall desired look.

The below chart lists advantages of modular cleanrooms & traditional stick-built construction.

Stick-Built Construction

Being complicated construction projects, these rooms require permits and renovating the entire building structure, which can bring a high cost and extended tax depreciation periods.

Facilities with already limited space lose additional flexibility for growth. Scalability is limited and varies on available square footage.

Timeframe varies, but generally take longer to complete due to material lead times and subcontractor scheduling.

Designed and constructed to be immovable.

Clean Room Cost Estimator Work Sheet

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