Digital Room Ionization System
Model 5515 CEILING EMITTER, MODEL 5582 CONTROLLER, IonManager Software

The newest additions to our digital family of Ceiling Emitters and Controllers, the Model 5515 Ceiling
Emitter and the Model 5582 Controller, are designed to integrate with IonManager software, the most
comprehensive and robust ionizer management software available. This digital room ionization system
provides the flexibility to remotely and individually control and address system operational settings
including alarm sensitivity, ion output, ion pulse timing, and polling frequency. Precision fine tuning
allows your ionization system to achieve maximum performance, specially calculated for your specific

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Ionizer Controllers
Model 5024 and Model 5084

The Simco-Ion Ionizer Controllers Models 5024 and 5084 provides power and control to our 5509e Ceiling Emitters and Model 5285 AeroBars®. The Model 5024 is available in a standard model that supports up to four ionizers. An enhanced version of the Model 5024 has the ability to power up to 20 units and includes an alarm that alerts the user of any ionizer failure.

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IonManager Pro

IonManager Pro software monitors, manages and analyzes Simco-Ion’s Digital Room Ionization Systems (Ceiling Emitter Model 5515 and Controller Model 5582, or Ceiling Emitter Model 5511 and Controller Model 5580). The software provides customers with a cost-effective way to monitor system status and manage system maintenance requirements through visual indicators and automated notifications.

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Ceiling Emitter
Model 5509E

In a matter of seconds, the Model 5509e ceiling ionization system eliminates electrostatic discharge and particle contamination caused by electrostatic attraction. The 5509e ceiling emitters are designed to provide uniform ionization throughout the open areas of a cleanroom. Mounted onto the ceiling surface or inside a flush mount channel, Model 5509e ceiling emitters maintain aesthetics without disrupting cleanroom laminar airflow or compromising the integrity of operating class 1 cleanrooms.

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Digital Controllers
Model 5520/Model 5580

Simco-Ion’s Digital Controller Models 5520 and 5580 control and monitor parameters and ionizer performance for the Digital Ceiling Emitter Model 5511 and the Digital AeroBar® Ionizer Model 5585. Both controllers allow individual or system wide ionizer control.

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